Message in a Bottle

IMG_5429If a man sends a message in a bottle, and no one ever finds it, does that mean the message never existed?

I am one of those people who sees signs. Everywhere. Long before I ever read The Secret, I always felt like the answers were out there if we looked for them. Or listened. But it seems hard to quiet our minds enough to actually do that. I get so busy and scattered that it is hard to sit still and listen. Actually, forget the listening part. It’s hard enough to sit still. We run from task to task and forget that there are messages floating around out there that need to be read.

One day, I was driving down the highway in my new car. Well, it was new to me. I asked myself, ” I wonder what I look like driving this car?” The answer wasn’t life or death, but I was curious. Within a minute or so, a girl who looked like me drove by me in the same make and model as the car I was driving. It was even the same color. I smiled and said thank you. That was a fun message.

The no-so-fun messages are the ones that involve heavy traffic and delays. Those are harder to recognize as “for your own good.” When I’m stuck in traffic, or behind slow drivers, I try to recognize that the Universe is telling me to slow down. There have been times when I’ve actually seen the reason why. Some life or death moment that I’ve avoided. Most of the time, I just have to take the Universe’s word for it. If nothing else, it teaches me patience. It’s harder to say thank you then, but I still do.

The messages aren’t reserved. It’s not a private beach where all of these bottles wash ashore, exclusive to the few with memberships. No matter what god you worship, or don’t, the messages are always there. I’ve heard people say, “God told me…” and I’ve heard bitter retorts of, “How come He only speaks to certain people?” The response is one of jealousy and hurt. Everyone wants to get messages. Everyone wants to feel special. The response is also one that is unnecessary. Whatever name you call it, the Universe speaks to everyone. There is no discrimination. There is also no limit to the amount of messages one can receive. And even if we ignore the messages being sent to us, they still exist. I’ve ignored plenty of messages. For years. The Universe is a persistent little thing.

I’ve seen answers on bumper stickers and billboards. I’ve had random people deliver them. I’ve stumbled across memes and quotes just at the right time. It’s funny to me now. There is no loud booming voice coming down from the sky. It’s subtle. Personal. Besides, if all of the messages were delivered over the loud speaker, no one would be able to understand them. The. Messages. Are. Delivered. All. The. Time. To. Everyone.

It’s easy to dismiss the messages. We use words like coincidence. We have doctors say that our brains just create them because we need to see patterns and signs. So what? The message is still the message whether we choose to receive them or not.



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