Flying Solo – The Cafe for Singles

The other day, I was using Open Table to make a reservation for a group. I thought about making a reservation for myself, but I realized that the point system set up by Open Table requires two people minimum. In other words, if I want to fly solo, I don’t qualify for points.

Then I noticed the descriptions of the restaurants. There are tips to let would-be diners know if the place is good for business meetings, romance, or families. None of them even mention the possibility of dining alone. It’s like that whole flying solo concept is not something these places even want to deal with. The seating alone would indicate that a solo diner is not expected. Loser, party of one, you’re table is now available. 

So I thought…why not open a cafe that caters to single people? Not the whole “singles’ bar” scene where everyone is there trying to stop being solo. I’m talking about a nice, quiet cafe with quality food that only has tables for one. One chair for each table. The only empty chairs would be accompanied by an empty – and open – table. The stigma of being there alone would be erased because you’d have to be by yourself to eat there anyway.

No one would ask “how many are in your party” because a party of one is the only option. There would be no moving of chairs to cozy up to another table. Or sliding tables together to make room for a larger group. Solo dining would be the thing. No hook ups. No wifi. This isn’t the place for you to connect to others. This is a place for solo diners to enjoy their own company and some good food. Maybe even a book. Books are allowed. Pens and paper. Those are allowed, too.

Maybe the food venue could change up. Food trucks might work. Maybe books could be sold or checked out. Regardless, I like the idea of a place that caters to solo diners. Just seems like it’s only fair to have a place of our own. Solo friendly!


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